Friday, May 26, 2006

JSON : the web 2.0 esperanto ?

JSON is probably a technology you never heard of unless you are a javascript or web designer expert. But this piece of tech does have potential for glueing the web together. In some way, this is the javascript counterpart of a webservice And just like its couterpart, this is a multiplatform, call anywhere lightweight object, which you can easily manipulate from within a javascript. Today many websites have public API's (yahoo, google,, technorati, etc..) so integrating all those creates some real added value, and JSON can help you deliver it. For instance, do you want to integrate your categories (dynamically) in a web site like blogger? JSON is your friend then. What JSON does is that it takes a string which can comes from a 3rd party website and transform it into a javascript object. References: JSON an exemple with yahoo : the json website : the json parser : JSONP : this proposition aims at handling the relation of JSON results and your scripts JSONT : This is to transform an external JSON object into your own javascript datamodel easily


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