Saturday, October 29, 2005

Important aspects of c#

There are plenty of places to read articles about one tech in .Net Each of them tells you about one different aspect, but how to find which one to really know? This is a repository of what aspect are I thought were important. Can you think of some others?

  • Generics : generics are useful to strong types transversal notions
  • BindindSource behaviour (how the construct a view from the argument) and binding structure like bindinglist
  • Linq : the ultimate tool for projecting out data : If you need smart plumbering, agregating of data structure
  • Reflection : it is useful when you want at runtime to manipulate
  • Continuations : If you need, against conventionnal wisdom, to perform a high level operations within a lower level context, continuation is an elegant way to separate those not be trapped and to express compactly your code
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